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Cardboard Chip Void Filler

Eco-Pak Cardboard Chips are an ideal for void fill for the packing, packaging & fulfilment industries.

The chips are made from recycled corrugated cardboard, the cardboard is UNUSED, CLEAN, CHEMICAL FREE and DUST FREE.

They are lightweight and easy to store on your premises and are supplied in 20kg bags for easy use.

Cardboard chips offer unique shock absorbing qualities, especially for heavier items such as automotive and engineering components, but also offer the same qualities for smaller, lighter, fragile items.

void filler for packing

The unique qualities of cardboard chips is their:

Save money and help the environment at the same time!

Our Cardboard void filling chips are totally environmentally friendly, made from recycled cardboard and once finished with can be easily composted (see composting page).

The Chips are packaged and sold in approx. 20 kg bags - we say approximately because corrugated cardboard comes in different thicknesses.

The cost for a single 20 kg bag is $27.50 including gst, cheaper for larger orders.

For more information or a quotation to supply, please phone 1300 726 406 or contact us.

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