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Cardboard & Paper Based Void Fillers

Save on costs and show your clients you care about the environment.

Economical alternative to manufactured void fillers for packing goods and products.

Our cardboard fillers are processed into chips and are made from UNUSED and CLEAN cardboard boxes sourced from box makers. They are misprints, discontinued or excess stock that otherwise would be used as landfill. Cardboard chips are the ideal void filler for any type of product, but excel with heavier products to resist movement while in transit.

Our biodegradable shredded paper void filler is sourced from office waste and is CLEAN. Shredded paper is ideal for lightweight, fragile products as the paper shreds interlock and prevent movement.

Unlike other forms of manufactured petroleum based packaging fillers (styrene and polystyrene foams, plastic pillows, bubble wrap, shredded plastic, etc.) paper and cardboard fillers are totally environmentally friendly.

Styrene has been linked to cancer, impaired memory, nervous system effects, loss of vision and hearing. Polystyrene is not biodegradable. In fact, it can take hundreds of years for polystyrene to break down in the environment. And when it does — it’s bad news. Some forms of plastic can be recycled, but require a huge amount of energy and that's not sustainable.

One of the key benefits of using cardboard chips as a filler is that the products are less likely to shuffle down through the filler in transit - resulting in less damage to products.

cardboard void filler
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Benefits of Eco Pack paper & cardboard void fillers:

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